Video - Toniq CB official promo video.

Videa Caterham Classic Toniq CB official promo video.

Toniq CB official promo video.

The CB range from Toniq has been specifically designed and engineered to excel in the Lightweight road and track market. The all new CAD designed and laser engineered, seamless high strength tubular spaceframe ensures chassis integrity and tolerances to within 0.5mm across the entire structure. The CB boasts double wishbone suspension all round with fully adjustable coilover dampers so the car can be set up between road and track use with ease. The Modern interpretation utilises 'edge' design language securing its place in the 21st Century while maintaining typically classic proportions of front engine, rear wheel drive British Sportscars. The CB rewards its owner with excellent response and grounded poise inspiring confidence no matter where your playground and regardless of your level of driving skill! The CB is priced to compete on a like for like basis undercutting the competition, where the CB's basic specification exceeds that of the opposition offering its owner more for their money and a smaller options list! Brand New fully built cars start from

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