Video - Pure sounds: RMA Trackday, Spa-Francorchamps, 21 may 2012

Videa Caterham 21 Pure sounds: RMA Trackday, Spa-Francorchamps, 21 may 2012

Pure sounds: RMA Trackday, Spa-Francorchamps, 21 may 2012

In this video I want to give an overview of the RMA Trackday on Spa Francorchamps.. Rather than focusing on one brand like my other videos I wanted to give you an collection of clips featuring various cars, filmed on various parts of the famous track. Some nice moments: 0:42 Amazing downshifts 14:21 GT3RS scraping his bumper in the Eau rouge corner 5:24 ; 11:09 Walking in the pits 2:56 Loud flyby on straight, Classic racecars 2:00 GT-R going wide on Eau Rouge More footage from the Carrera GT and RUF CTR3 More footage from the Ferraris More footage from the damage on the F50 In this video you'll see Ferrari 275 GTB, Ferrari F50 Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione Porsche Carrera GT Mclaren MP12-4 Ferrari Italia challenge, BMW M3 CSL Artega GT Ferrari Modena Spider Porsche GT3 RS MKII Porsche GT3RS 4.0 Aston Martin DBS Lotus Exige S Lister Mercedes C63 AMG Ferrari F430 Lotuse Elise S2 Nissan GT-R Caterham VW Funcup Audi R8 Chevron Porsche 962 Replica and much more!

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