Video - Project cars Bulid 555 - Lotus 49 Cosworth at Jin Ding

Videa Caterham Classic Project cars Bulid 555 - Lotus 49 Cosworth at Jin Ding

Project cars Bulid 555 - Lotus 49 Cosworth at Jin Ding

Build 355 (23/11/12, Team Member+) Bug Fixes: * Fix for array out of bounds crash. GUI: * Quick fixes for dialog cleanup * Close dialogs in key assign screen * Added 'CloseAllDialogs' to dialog manager * Do not add dialogs from the add list if they are already set to close * New GUIDialog and GUIDialogManager system Physics: * Clamp the index of app ID applied to physics participant to prevent participant being spawned with invalid info / id * Disable dynamic track element updates in track overview (not required currently and in old AI codebase) * Added missing trackOverview cleanup code from reinstated AI systems * Added rolling start driver mode fix to old AI system * Default setup changes and small tire updates based on 350+351 feedback. Affects Ariel Atoms, Asano X4 & LM11, Z4 GT3, Gumpert, Caterham Classic Tracks: * Azure Circuit: Added latest works from MJ, refixed tunnel near the rascasse, deleted some objects around the MJ area and added a temp wall along a sec road * Azure Circuit: Common art/new texture for azure circuit * Azure Circuit: Added latest works from MJ,DavidB,DavidR. Some more works from my side round the tobac saintdevote, harbour/docks, seabed/sea, materials, textures * Wisconsin: XML files crowds and trees * Milan : Add new textures for Bridge01 * Milan: Add some little detail on textures for the toilets * Heusden: Added new assets * Heudsen: New texture map, 1st commit * Moravia: New textures for garage interior Vehicles: * RCF files and build ...



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