Video - Lotus (Caterham) Super Seven First Ride

Videa Caterham Super Seven Lotus (Caterham) Super Seven First Ride

Lotus (Caterham) Super Seven First Ride

Poor car had been sitting for quite a while. Drained out the old gas, put in some fresh high octane. Did an oil and filter change. Cranked it for a while with plugs out until oil pressure registered. After that it started right away and I got to take it for a run around the (startled) neighbourhood. Still needs a tuneup and maybe fiddling with jets or timing/advance curve. Engine is 1700 Ford crossflow in "Super Sprint" tune. You can really hear the straight cut gears! Camera is latest Go Pro HD mounted on roll bar. I will try it again with the open case so we can hear more engine noise.

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