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Videa Caterham Classic Lotus 7 Racing - Vintage Race 2.mp4

Lotus 7 Racing - Vintage Race 2.mp4

Robert Currie Memorial Race Weekend 1969 Lotus 7 racing at Mission Raceway Park in BC. The camera is a Drift innovation HD170 mounted on the lower wishbone. It looks like 2012 will continue the epic battle between the classic British sports cars and the American Muscle cars of yester year. if you have raced at Mission before note the track changes, turn 3 is alot smoother (less air time) and turn 6 you can get on the loud pedal earlier, Turn 9 exit is also a little less scary and has always been my favourite four wheel drift corner onto the front straight. Hope you enjoy the video, check back for more during the 2012 season

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