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Videa Caterham Classic

Live action demonstration of fitting a half hood to an open top Caterham Seven in a Norwegian icy downpour. As you will see , it takes only a minute or two and can cover the passenger in seconds. These half hoods were designed to provide protection from the sun and not intended to replace the full hood. However, many of us do use them as full hood replacements, though we have to accept the trade off between occasionally getting a bit more wet versus the extra space saved. Whether I would travel on a whole two week holiday without a full hood is a discussable point, but I view my original classic half hood as indispensable even with a full hood, because of the ease of use, you can remove it without getting out of the car, and it doubles as a cover for all the clutter on the passenger side when there is no passenger. The sound disappears for the middle part, it does not matter as the audio is not relevant, possibly I knocked the mic while getting out.

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