Video - !GTR Evo Nordschleife Wet Weather in a Caterham CSR Onboard

Videa Caterham CSR !GTR Evo Nordschleife Wet Weather in a Caterham CSR Onboard

!GTR Evo Nordschleife Wet Weather in a Caterham CSR Onboard

This is the 20.832 km (12.9 mi) Nordschleife, since 1983 it has 33 left and 40 right turns. This was my 1st attempt at a wet race onboard a Caterham CSR, as u can tell i dont know the track in the wet LoL! But just look how Pretty it is! Interested in knowing some real lap times then check this out? Did You Know? On 28 April 2007, Nick Heidfeld drove the BMW Sauber F1.06 Formula One car around the Nordschleife and the official lap time released by BMW Sauber was declared to be 8:34 and translates to an average of about 200 km/h (120 mph)-(thus 30 seconds slower than the fastest Porsche 996 turbo in VLN). The German press duly reported this lap time, yet criticized BMW. In each lap, Heidfeld slowed down once to pose for a slow video truck, at Schwedenkreuz on the first lap 1, Kesselchen in lap 2, and Döttinger Höhe in the last lap but according to formula one F1 Racing magazine of June 2006, BMW engineers had estimated that a BMW-Sauber F1.06 could lap in under 5:15.8 which equals to an impressive average of 237 km/h (147 mph). Road & Track an American automotive enthusiast magazine (also the world's largest magazine publisher) has also reported Heidfeld's lap was to be a 5:57 or 5:58 (for the Nordschleife only), breaking the track's six-minute barrier for the first time in history. However, their times were done by measuring the speed in some corners, and then calculating a lap time, and not timing a full lap. Heidfeld has since expressed his desire to ...

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