Video - Caterham Roadsports Crash 1998 1999

Videa Caterham Roadsport Caterham Roadsports Crash 1998 1999

Caterham Roadsports Crash 1998 1999

Some random incidents from the 1998 Caterham Roadsports (K-series engines). Great racing, very close, lots of overtaking and general action, generally fair and with minor incidents only, although Ross Bygrave manages a very spectacular 6-times over roll at Castle Coombe. Very brief footage from early 1999. This was the period when I didn't have a decent tv signal, so appologies for the poor picture quality, although the Donington round in 1998 had heavy rain and fog which does not help the situation at all. The commentator is Paul Musselle, very entertaining! Up there with Barry Nutley for enthusiasm, wish he was used more on ms commentaries.

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