Video - Caterham onboard, Brands Hatch GP, May 2012

Videa Caterham 21 Caterham onboard, Brands Hatch GP, May 2012

Caterham onboard, Brands Hatch GP, May 2012

Back to Brands Hatch this year with the Lotus 7 Club and it was a pretty damp and slippery day apart from this mostly dry session. I had some great laps chasing some of the faster cars through the traffic, including the black R300 (car 33) of James Sharrock. I've tried to edit this together to show some of the best bits although I'll admit I'm not entirely happy with it - but it's been sat on my hard drive for far too long, so... This was the first track outing for the car this year after another winter of upgrades. All is well but it needs corner weighting still (brakes are a bit interesting). Several ham-fisted gear changes, missed apexes and power slides including a lucky escape at Paddock Hill near the end. Some ridiculous speed differentials between cars at times, and the lack of brake lights on James' car nearly caught me out once. Apologies for the long video, I had to cut a lot out to get it down to 10 minutes. Also I had a problem with my new camera and its mic, so what you can hear is from the rear facing ContourHD camera. Hopefully it's still reasonably enjoyable though :) Don't forget to subscribe and follow on Twitter,



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