Video - Caterham Cruise at Vintage DeFest. 19th June,2011

Videa Caterham Classic Caterham Cruise at Vintage DeFest. 19th June,2011

Caterham Cruise at Vintage DeFest. 19th June,2011

No Name Jive's very first Caterham Cruise for Vintage DeFest,2011! It was very special to Mark and I that our first Cruise out was around our home town. And great to see the IMPS WWII Military vehicles powering round The old Army Barracks. Very fitting. As well as the Caterham Cruise we had side-shows, Vintage & Retro clothes, Vintage Tea shop, Rotary Pimms tent, hot food stalls, falconry displays and craft fair all set round the field with the Vintage, Classic, Military, WWII & award winning cars,bikes and trucks on display. What would a festival be without music? And we had it by the field full! Hilarious Compare Jean Paul Goddard kept events flowing ( & the beer! ). Swing singer John Lazenby kicked off proceedings followed by a Jitterbug dance class by No Name Jive ( for which we will need a bigger dance floor next year!) The eccentric La Mouche were glorious. Lorraine Drolet's Ballroom Kids-Crew were superb, and those jolly Gals The Sundaes were witty & brilliant! The Can Can Pole Jam was up next......Happy Father's Day! How'dja follow that? With The inimitable Goosebumps of course! Everybody's favourite Jump-Jive Band! Natalie Ross fizzes on stage - sex appeal, raw talent or alka saltzer...Who can tell? We just know we want more! The Grand Master of entertainment, Mr. Danny Fisher saw us out with his fabulous new set, Rock n'Roll Jukebox! A good time was had by all..... If you have a Classic vehicle and would like to join in the Caterham Cruise next year please go to ...

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