Video - Caterham Academy 2010 - Snetterton Race Part 2

Videa Caterham Academy Caterham Academy 2010 - Snetterton Race Part 2

Caterham Academy 2010 - Snetterton Race Part 2

Continuation of the footage from the race at Snetterton. Video begins with me following Bev McDonnell down the start/finish straight - unfortunately Bev has a nightmare technical fault at this point - throttle stuck fully open. First corner isn't flat out so there's no way she can avoid going off - to avoid contact I've got no choice but to also head off on the outside. Luckily we avoid each other and Bev manages to get it stopped on the grass so great that she was okay but a shame about the mechanical problem as it ruined her race - we would have had a good battle if it hadn't happenned. I lose a few places while cutting the grass and rejoin behind Jamie Buckland who I'm right next to in the championship table. We have a really good race, swopping places and having a lot of fun. (We park next to each other in the paddock so aren't about to take each other off!). And then his car gives up on him - faulty inertia switch cuts the fuel. The only plus point is that I managed to avoid going into the back of him (we were both accelerating flat out when he loses all drive). Shame as I'm sure we would have continued to pass each other till the end. After Jamie goes off it's straightforward to the finish as I'm too far behind the next pack and there's a ton of yellow flags around the circuit. Final placing for me was 13th, happy to get away with an undamaged car after an eventful race.

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