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2012 Caterham Seven Supersport

It's not everyday that we get excited about a car with 140 horsepower and 13-inch wheels. But then the Caterham Seven is no everyday car. Lately, Caterham has been focusing outside the mold of the Seven with new models like the SP/300R and plans for further new products. But after a couple of years when the only new additions to the Seven range have been cosmetic specials like the Monaco and Lambretta editions, the British automaker has announced a new Supersport model. Modestly powered but sprightly in weight, the Supersport roadster is based on the track model used in the eponymous spec racing series. Its 1.6-liter Ford four is tuned by Caterham to produce 140 horsepower -- a far cry from the 500hp supercharged V8 in the Levante model -- but with only 520 kg (1146 pounds) to schlepp around, it'll do 0-60 in a tidy 4.9 seconds, and it probably feels even faster thanks to the classic low seating position that's practically on top of the rear wheels and open cockpit. Short gearing, lightweight flywheel, limited-slip differential, race-spec springs and dampers, stiffer anti-roll bars, racing buckets with four-point harnesses and a dashboard with shift lights round out the package that's available as a DIY kit for

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