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2002 - 04. Oulton Park.mpg

Highlights of Peter Tattersall's 2002 Caterham Graduates Classic race at Oulton Park. Again, as at Silverstone, a poor qualifying session saw Peter start in 21st position. Again, he managed to climb up through the field to a heady 16th at the finish. And again, it could have been a lot higher but for all the mistakes that kept dropping him back. He made an excellent start, passing five cars by the exit of the first corner. He continued his climb, into the top ten. His first major obstacle was Martin Amison, who did a very good job of defending his position, finally being passed on the entry into Shell Oils Corner. His nemesis, though, came in the form of Graham Smith, who was an even tougher defender. Several times Peter did get passed, only to lose momentum and be re-passed. Peter attempted to pass on the outside at Knickerbrook, too fast, bounced off the tyre-wall and continued. Behind Graham! Closing in on Graham at the same chicane, Peter again braked too hard and nearly hit the tyre-wall again, losing several places in the process. He then made up some lost positions, including out-braking two cars into Shell Oils Corner. On the last lap, at Druids Corner, an unforced error lost Peter a further five positions.

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